Saturday, August 5th, Courtleigh Auditorium at 7 p.m.
Tickets Pre-sold $3000 and $3500 at the gate.

Application fee, $2000 and application deadline is June 30th.

About us

A Few Words About Us

Auntie Janett in 1981

Welcome to the Miss Teen Jamaica website.

Thirty two years after inaugurating the annual event, originally known as Miss Jamaica Teenager, in June 1981, we have now reached the stage where we feel the need to create our own website to provide online viewers with historical and up-to-date information on the contest and the contestants.

We ask that you be patient with us as we build this site because, as you all know, everything takes time to be perfected and, as much as we aim for the highest and the best, we have to grow step by step.

However, 32 years after we started this contest, we are as optimistic and as enthusiastic as we were at the very beginning, about its possibilities.

We believe that we have made a tremendous contribution to the development of female teens in the Jamaican society, by providing this vehicle for economic mobility and social flexibility, allowing them to meet new friends, speak with bright people and learn about the workings of the public and the private sector.

We recognize that there is an enormous social vacuum in the lives of our young people, because of the failure of some parents to be intimately involved with their development. Many parents think that paying the school fee and providing food, shelter and clothing is all that is desired of them. But, the fact is that our young people, especially the young women, need guidance, they need role models and they need encouragement in pursuing their vision.

Auntie Janett (recent)

We think that we have been doing a fairly good job of filling the gaps in their upbringing, and we hope the society realizes and appreciates this input. However, whatever we are doing will never be enough, and we urge parents, in particular, and adults, in general, to understand these needs and to help them to fulfill their dreams.

This website will not only be dedicated to those who wish to enter the Miss Teen Jamaica contest, those who have entered and have achieved success or those who are currently reaping the benefits of being involved, but to all issues associated with teenaged Jamaican women, and their peers, around the world,

Your support, as a contributor, or as a fan of the site, will be greatly appreciated and welcomed and we look forward to hearing from you, very soon.

Thank You